Best VPNs for Indonesia for Total Internet Freedom

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The PirateBay, and several other torrenting websites have been blocked in Indonesia after the Ministry of Communications has ordered the ISPs to block the access due to the increasing pressure from the copyrights infringement complainants. After having banned Reddit, Imgur and Vimeo on the grounds of decency, Indonesia has finally stepped up for something that is more harmful to the creators of digital media content – the copyrights violation.

You can use an Indonesia VPN tailor-made for peer-to-peer downlloading to ensure you are still able to access all these websites and download the torrents with ease.

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Indonesia might be known for having the fourth largest population in the world, or for its renowned biodiversity, but people who live there know it from the strict regulation of the internet there.

YouTube and MySpace are two of the most famous sites banned in Indonesia. A ban on Google services in 2012 caused a massive blackout of Google not only in Indonesia but also in Singapore and South Korea.

Indonesia is popular for the number of hits it gives Facebook. Close to 42 million in 2012, today this figure has escalated well above 50 million users’ visiting every day. Most internet surfing is done over smart phone devices and tablet PCs, with over 50% of users falling in the 18-25 age bracket.

The Electronic, Information Transaction Act

There is high criticism of the Electronic, Information Transaction Act that has been censoring internet activity in Indonesia. Websites and services are being banned at the slightest hint of pornography and nudity. Similarly, people have to be very cautious at what they post on social networks.

Islamic clerics in Indonesia have a strict stance on social media and video streaming websites that even hint of the existence of hate speech, religious blasphemy, gambling and bold statements targeting a particular social group.



Vimeo was the latest to be hit by the Ministry of Communications in Indonesia over a video that showed ‘artistic nudity.’ Regardless of constant negotiations between the authorities and Vimeo representatives no viable solution was agreed upon.



Indonesia Switches To VPN

Since the regulation of internet in the region is conducted by ISPs, and considered incoherent and disorganized by many critics, the best way is to find a VPN for Indonesia. By cloaking yourself from the ISP you can avoid the ban and visit censored websites in Indonesia. 42% internet users are connecting to the internet using VPN for Indonesian ISPs.

Most ideal VPN for Indonesia or South East Asia in specific, are strategically based in Hong Kong and Singapore. Hong Kong holds its reputation for having one of the most liberal internet surfing policies, while Singapore, although tough on its local populous, has not placed critical restriction on foreign tunneled connections.

Best VPNs for Indonesia

Unblocking Websites

Another advantage of using VPN for Indonesia is that it lets grants you access for viewing Indonesian websites with geographical restrictions when travelling abroad. Users are assigned an Indonesian IP address allowing them to use their native music and video services.



In Indonesia, VPN users look to deploy services that can be accessed on multiple devices, over different operating systems and allow easy to switch VPN servers for faster browsing speeds. Indonesian VPN providers also seek to provide online cloud storage to enhance their customer experience giving more value to their offering.


The Famous Five VPN for Indonesia


Pure VPN


Centered on their unique selling proposition of 24/7 customer support, Pure VPN is one of the pioneers of the VPN industry. The 12 month subscription costs $4.16/month on a renewal basis, with seasonal discounts available on holidays and special occasions, the money back period is 3 days.


There are over 500+ servers in 100+ countries allowing speeds reaching 20Mbps. Pure VPN enhances the streaming experience on services like HULU, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, 4OD and Vimeo through its dedicated streaming servers. There are over 60,000 shared IP addresses providing a very high level of security. Smart DNS provides access to regional restrictions allowing access worldwide.

One of the leading features of Pure VPN is the ability to connect 5 simultaneous devices with one account. Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux and android users can have free software and apps readily available from their website. When tested over all protocols, critics gave their verdict of Pure VPN as ‘fast’ server connections.

Areas of Improvement

Areas where the service can improve are support for torrents, dedicated gaming servers and a better money back policy which is 3 days currently.




IPVanish positions its offering around reliability, speed and diversity of servers. IPVanish has a nominal subscription of $4.87 month when subscribed for a year and a 7 day money back guarantee. Their software is available on Windows, iOS and android platforms, therefore covering a wide range of devices.


IPVanish offers over 25,000 shared IP addresses with servers located in 60+ different countries providing a diverse range. Their new ‘zero logs’ policy has triggered increased interest ensuring users are untraceable for their online activity.

Areas of Improvement

One downside to IPVanish is their customer support which is not 24/7 and only opens during office hours on EST. The software also only allows two simultaneous connections on separate devices which although is ample for any non-commercial user. Although they lie on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, their service offering and ease of use is highly credible and reviewed as a tier-1 VPN.




With very attractive payment plans ranging monthly, quarterly and yearly the 12 month renewable combo cost is $8.32/month. With a 30 day money back guarantee there is ample testing time for users.

ExpressVPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and android. Depending on the subscription there are 2 to 2 simultaneous connections available. Connection speeds are not chartbusters but reliable in the longer run.


With 20 servers ranging from Europe, North America and South East Asia (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore), it is an ideal VPN for Indonesian users. SwitchVPN also has the best connection time between 5-10 seconds compared to the industry average of 30-40 seconds.

Areas Of Improvement

One area requiring immediate attention is their subscription plans, where some critics would call them overpriced.




Hidemyass is centered on its top grade encryption. With one of the standard per month subscription of $6.99, the 12 month subscription costs $6.15/month.

Through use of tracking technologies and cookies the service logs massive customer details that can be used by third party marketers. To date Hidemyass has the most highly graded encryption amongst the competition.


The offering also includes connection to the Hidemyass’s DNS server allowing streaming of geo-restricted services like Vimeo, BBC iPlayer etc. Servers are located in 36 countries while more are in the pipeline.

Areas Of Improvement

Improvements can be made to the custom software and the usage logs policy. It might also help Hidemyass to introduce a trial version of the service for more trial and testing. Many critics have reviewed that the service does not suffer from any serious drawbacks.




Ironsocket centers its service on P2P and file sharing. Their one year subscription for the Total VPN service costs $6.99/month on a renewal basis. There are varying price plans for different services namely DNS and VPN, with offers for businesses, individuals and families.

The ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously depends on the price plan chosen. Subscribers can choose between 2 or 5 simultaneous connection packages depending on the number of devices they will use. Ironsocket covers all major OS including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and android.


With 50+ servers residing in over 35+ countries Ironsocket stands as an unparalleled star of the market. While their customer support is highly acclaimed, connectivity that was once quite problematic has improved considerably over time.

Ironsocket does not follow the zero log policy, while there is no activity log. There is however a connection log kept for 10 days. Google recently blocked IPs for Ironsocket for excessive traffic.

Areas of Improvement

There are several issues that Ironsocket must address to improve their offering. One is the deficiency in bandwidth when being used for torrents; the second is the lack of IP addresses and servers available. They must also narrow down their offering to fewer packages as compared to the competition.


In Conclusion

The advent of Indonesian VPN services has enhanced the freedom of internet in the country. As the government looks to ban more websites considering them inappropriate, the use of anonymous VPN IP addresses will always deliver a more secure surfing experience for the masses.

VPN services encrypt the flow of information between you and website/service making it impossible for the ISP to trace anything back to you.

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