5 Best VPN for Germany to Secure your Online Activity in 2018

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Bundesnachrichtendienst, a Federal Intelligence Service (Germany) has been allowed by the Germany’s government to spy on its citizens. In fact, Germany has also joined hands with NSA with the same purpose. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best solution for Germans to protect their online privacy.

Similarly, the German government has also taken strict actions against copyright piracy. Germans now need to be cautious while downloading content online, and doing so they need to ensure their online activity remains hidden. For that, we have listed 5 best VPN for Germany that will protect your online activity and identity.

Is Germany Following US Footsteps? New Data Retention Law Passed

A new law by the name ‘Flight passengers’ data law’ was passed as a legislation that required airlines to collect and retain information on passengers for 5 years. The information includes their contact details, means of booking, payment mode, etc. This information is passed onto Federal Criminal Office. The law was enforced on June, 2017.

The German law ‘Gesetz zur Einführung einer Speicherpflicht und einer Höchstspeichterfrist für Verkehrsdaten’ that was passed in July 2017 was found to be in violation of EU laws. The telecommunication data retention law was noted as controversial by the local German court.


The law allowed telecommunication companies to retain users’ data so that it will be used to combat crime and public dangers. Currently, it is not being enforced in the country.

Previously in 2015, Bundestag (German Parliament) passed a revised version of data retention law that requires telecom companies to store metadata of their users. The controversial law was voted in favor by 404 MPs and requires telecom companies to store information of their users for 10 weeks.

According to this law, your internet browsing, phone call location and text messages will be stored. If you don’t want the government to violate your privacy, you will need a Germany VPN. The initial data retention law was criticized and suspended back in 2010 when 35,000 German citizens filed complaints against it.

Top 5 Germany VPNs

The five best VPNs for Germany listed and explained below are ideal for individuals residing in Germany as well as those travelling/residing abroad.

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1. PureVPN


PureVPN is one of the few VPNs that ‘almost’ always manages to make the list becuase of its number of servers, fast speed, and affordable price.

PureVPN’s Germany VPN network is spread built over a network of over 750 servers in 140+ countries across the world and comes with 24/7 Live-Chat tech support. However, the cherry on top is the number of add-ons and features that the service offers. View detailed PureVPN review for more information.


  • 750+ servers in 140+ countries
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Access all servers regardless of the package plan
  • Prevent your online activity to be tracked
  • Anonymous torrenting with unlimited bandwidth


  • Only 7-days money-back guarantee

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2. NordVPN


NordVPN is a top quality provider with a military-grade VPN encryption that closes the door for any hacker or agency that tries to snoop over your online activity.

In and outside of Germany, NordVPN has done well over the years with its availability of more than 4,000 servers, which is by far the largest network of VPN servers. These features makes NordVPN the best VPN for Germany. View detailed NordVPN review for more information.


  • Double VPN encryption that completely secure online activity
  • Shields your system against intrusive advertisements with CyberSec
  • Strict no logs policy
  • DNS leak protection
  • Browser extension


  • A strong VPN encryption may sometimes slow down the internet speed

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3. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN has over 1,700 servers that are spread over 90 countries. What makes it the best VPN for Germany is its ability to make your internet connection secure with 256-bit encryption.

ExpressVPN also offer a generous 30-day money-back guarantee to all users. Moreover, its fast servers ensure constant access to the Internet with your privacy secure. View detailed ExpressVPN review for more information.

Pros of ExpressVPN

  • Surf the web in Germany without a trace
  • Secure internet connection with 256-bit encryption
  • Contains no traffic logs
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer support

Cons of ExpressVPN

  • A US-based VPN provider

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4. PrivateVPN


PrivateVPN with its motto ‘Unlock everything and protect everything’ goes well with its features. Its extraordinary 256-bit VPN encryption feature ensures that your device or system remains protected along with your online activity.

This VPN for Germany can be accessed in 6 devices simultaneously and each shall be give a separate IP address. The kill switch feature would terminate your internet connection if in case the VPN connection drops. View detailed PrivateVPN review for more information.


  • Internet with a lightning fast speed
  • Be undetectable with 256-bit encryption
  • Unblock geo-restricted media
  • Kill switch feature available
  • 30-days money-back guarantee


  • Limited number of servers

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5. Ivacy


Ivacy provides a wide array of servers to combat the threats of cyberattacks and internet censorship in Germany. You can select any one of the 270+ servers from 100+ locations to establish a connection. It supports all VPN protocols.

Ivacy does not keep any logs so you can surf the internet and stream whatever you want. It also makes sure that your data is safe from the likes of cybercriminals and online spying agencies with its 256-bit encryption. View detailed Ivacy review for more information.


  • Torrent anonymous in Germany and around the world
  • Stream anything, anywhere
  • Contains zero logs
  • Keeps your data secure with 256-bit encryption
  • Stops 3rd party spying


  • Only 7-day money-back guarantee

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The Need for a VPN in Germany

In spite of the fact that Germany sis subject to GDPR laws for ensuring the anonymity and privacy of citizens, agencies have the power to snoop on you. Germany is party to the 14 Eyes treaty, which grants the government the authority to perform surveillance on citizens.

Especially since the 2016 terrorism in Munich, the Germany intelligence agency BND has increased its surveillance program, which is a potential encroachment of online privacy. Therefore, if you are a foreigner in Germany, your online activities might be under the agency’s radar.

A VPN service does not guarantee perfect anonymity. However, it can add an extra line of defense through IP masking and encryption. Germany is also imposes strict penalties against online piracy through torrenting. Therefore, you should use a VPN for Germany to ensure your privacy.

You can also check out our on page on best VPN for Europe to find out the top VPN services for your protection in Europe.

Censorship Issues in Germany

There are certain reasons why there is censorship issues in Germany. Pro-Nazi ideology still exists in the country along with Holocaust denial. To prevent hate speech and all other reasons that could start a conflict, the German government with the help of Google and ISPs ensure that these censorship remain intact.


On one instance, the government blocked a game that goes by the name Wolfenstein 3D that showcases Nazi soldiers. The game was blocked and was labeled as hateful content. With a VPN, you can always access any content online.

YouTube Restrictions


YouTube is a massive platform for viewing videos around the world. Imagine if your government restricts certain videos and ask you to pay extra on watching those videos? It’s already happening in Germany. Much of the video content in Germany is geo-restricted which has been recalled by Google as an unfair practice. Only a VPN for Germany will allow access to all the video content on YouTube. There are also certain similar restrictions in Greece that you can bypass with leading VPN services for Greece.

Government Surveillance in Germany

It was Edward Snowden at first who reflected upon the close ties of German’s Intelligence Agency (BND) with US and UK intelligence agencies. Germany is a member of 14-eyes country where they are bound to share and exchange intelligence among its members. These countries snoop over the online activity of their citizens and exchange data with member countries.


As a result, it creates a dire need for German citizens to protect their online activity more than ever. Since Snowden, Government has invested millions in improving its internet surveillance system. The only hope of light for German citizens is using a VPN.

Are VPNs Legal in Germany?

Using VPNs in Germany is perfectly illegal until one does not commit piracy. It is strictly against the law to download free copyright material from the internet. However, a VPN will conceal all your internet activities including downloading Torrents or viewing free copyright material on Kodi.

Downloading Torrents in Germany Safely

Germany has a clear stance against downloading of copyrighted content through torrents or other online sources. If you are found involved in downloading torrents in Germany, it can land you in serious legal hot waters. Penalties for copyright infringement can include fines and even jail sentences.

Copyright infringement is not limited to downloading torrents only. Steaming services such a Popcorn Time are also illegal in Germany. Therefore, users should be extremely careful when downloading torrents or accessing any content considered illegal in Germany and do so at their own risk.

The best method you can employ for minimizing the chances of German authorities tracking your torrenting activities is to use a VPN. Through a VPN service, your IP address can be changed to appear as if you are located in a different country. In addition, the secure and encrypted servers prevent your data from possible leakage and interception from authorities.

Therefore, you should always use a VPN service if you wish to use a torrent in Germany. If you are located in Greece, you can find out about the reliable VPN providers on our best VPN for Greece page.

Advantages of a Germany VPN

The best VPN for Germany will give you three advantages:

Online Freedom

Tired of the notifications that yet another ‘website is not available in your region’? A Germany VPN can fix that for you. All you have to do is to switch to a country in which your desired website opens up. As a result, you will be given an IP of that country. Once you have a German VPN under your belt, all the websites in the world become accessible! It is that simple.

Online Security

Your data is your property and contains a digital representation of who you are. This includes your preferences, contacts, academic details, professional credentials, and just about everything that comes together to form your identity. That is why your data can be used as a tool to blackmail you, manipulate you, ambush you, or simply drain your bank account.

A VPN encrypts your data so that it becomes useless for anybody who manages to get his/her hands on it. Using a Germany VPN will give you cross-continental security. German VPN companies have global server spreads, meaning that you will be safe wherever no matter where you go.

Online Privacy

Did you know that hackers and surveillance programs work round-the-clock to collect everything you do and say on the internet? A Germany VPN will route your data through a super-secure VPN tunnel that will be reserved for the transmission of your data. Nobody will be able to see your internet activity, making you virtually invisible when you are online.

You can also read our blog on best VPN for Sweden and learn a few tips for enhancing your privacy online in the country.


In a Nutshell

A VPN is an excellent tool to unblock websites, secure your online freedom and ensure complete internet privacy. As more VPN services enter the market, the cost of VPN is decreasing rapidly in the face of the increasing need for the best VPN for Germany.

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