How to Setup VPN for Boxee in 9 Easy Steps

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Do you still have Boxee at your home? If yes, then consider yourself lucky! Nothing beats the experience of streaming videos and movies online on the TV sets.

Boxee is Home Theater PC software which is more commonly known as HD Media Streamer. Acquired by Samsung last year, users can expect to see a better and cheaper version of Boxee in the near future giving Apple TV and Roku a run for their money.


Is There More to Boxee than Netflix, Vudu and Pandora?

Boxee gives you access to almost every online channel including Netflix, Vudu and Pandora but to extract 100% results out of it, you will need to use a Boxee VPN.

To transform your device into a supreme package, install best VPNs for Boxee in your device to access Netflix, Vudu, Pandora and more at your own will from any part of the world!



Price and Availability of Boxee

Luckily, Boxee is still available for purchase and you can grab it to utilize all the promising features that offer you nothing short of excellence. People can get a Boxee device now for a meager price of $69.95 only, saving almost 56% from the last price of 124.95$.

And guess what? It is a onetime payment only, means you do not have to worry about the monthly subscription fee. You can access almost 90% of the media content in HD. But to gain the ultimate freedom, you will have to use a Boxee VPN.    


Why Do I Need a Boxee VPN?

As mentioned in the tweets below, the server of Boxee was hacked earlier this year and information and credentials of almost 158,000 users were compromised.

The best VPNs for Boxee give you ultimate protection and security against all sorts of cybercrimes. The encryption of data is not only safe and secure but it is impossible to crack as well.

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VPNs Lifting the Restrictions on Boxee & More

VPNs for Boxee will not only help you protect against cybercrimes but it will also help you in accessing content that is blocked and/or geo-restricted in certain regions. To top it all off, VPNs for Boxee give you access to US-only content.

What could be better than a one-shot-gun-shot solution that includes security against cybercrime; privacy against online surveillance and access to an array of online streaming websites?


Take Your Boxee with you

Similarly if you are travelling abroad and carrying your Boxee device with you, there is a chance you won’t get full access to all the contents on Netflix. Due to geo-restrictions, your online streaming will be limited.

But with the help of Boxee VPN you will not only be able to surf and stream online but will have ultimate security against malware, hacking and phishing threats as well.


Installing VPNs for Boxee

To facilitate you with the steps of installing a Boxee VPN, we are going to give you a pictorial review so that you do not find it difficult to work your way around it.

Start off by picking a Boxee VPN and completing the sign-up process. Once the process is complete you will receive your unique username, password and VPN server details that you will require to setup your VPN on your Boxee box.

Since Boxee is a VPN friendly device, this setup process is applicable no matter which Boxee VPN you select.

You will be presented with your Home Screen once you log in to your Boxee Box.

Step 1:  Look for the Options button in your remote and press it to bring up the Navigation menu.

boxee vpn


Step 2: The Settings ‘cog’ icon will appear on the top left of your screen. Press the Up arrow key to highlight it and press OK once it is highlighted. You will land on this page:

boxee vpn


Step 3: Press the Right Arrow key a few times until the option of Network is highlighted. Now press OK to enter the Network settings.

boxee vpn


Step 4: You have now entered the Network Settings, scroll down to VPN and select the Connection Type as PPTP.

boxee vpn


Step 5: Enter the name of the Boxee VPN server you wish to connect to. This will usually be provided to you by your Boxee VPN service provider. Make sure you tell customer support that you will be setting up the VPN on your Boxee box.

boxee vpn


Step 6: Enter your email address in the Account box. Your email address is the username assigned to you by your Boxee VPN service provider.

boxee vpn


Step 7: Now enter the password for your Boxee VPN in the password box.

boxeee vpn


Step 8: The next step is to check if Encryption is required. Double check with your VPN service provider on this since different VPN service providers have different encryption preferences.

boxee vpn


Step 9: And the final step needs you to click on Connect.

boxee vpn

It’s that easy!


Author’s Recommendation

Even though, Boxee provides its users with endless HD streaming of online content, it misses out on some of the elements that are specifically available to certain regions. Furthermore, a Boxee VPN does not only give you the access to all TV shows, movies and videos, it also ensures 100% protection and security against all sorts of cybercrimes.

Two thumbs up for Boxee VPN for providing both entertainment and security at the same time!


Keep the Ball Rolling…

We have tried to discuss the significance and importance of VPNs for Boxee in this post. Keep the ball rolling in the comments section and tell us how your experience with Boxee VPN went and if there is anything you want fellow Boxee VPN users to look out for.

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