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The Dallas Buyers Club Controversy; Illegal Downloading

Several Singaporeans have been sent legal notices for pirating the Oscar winning movie, Dallas Buyers Club. The notices seemed scam at first, but a research from the fellow Netizens indicated that it was indeed clamping down on all the illegal downloads of the movie.

Users who had pirated the movie in US and Australia are also in deep trouble for they had no idea that their IP addresses were being marked for downloading illegal torrents. The notice has caused a stir in Singapore where many users have already been notified to pay the damages within three days after receiving the notice.

A few eyebrows have been raised, and rightly so. Who is providing the legal law firms the IP addresses of the users? Does it mean that the Singaporeans will never be able to enjoy torrenting anymore? There are many questions that need clarification from the authorities as well, but as of now, the clampdown is a serious issue to deal with.

Instant Solution for Top-Tier Privacy & Restriction Free Accessibility

You can always use a Singapore VPN to get extra security while enjoying P2P file-sharing. The algorithms of VPN services are smart enough to protect you from being tracked by authorities, legal firms, hackers and malware. Also, Singapore VPN gives an instant access to leading-edge entertainment sites and services that are geo-restricted or blocked in Singapore.

Now, if you’re wandering about how does VPN do the job? Then a VPN allows you to spoof your location with a foreign country, while encrypting your entire network traffic. After connecting to a VPN, you can explore the web unrestricted and access everything including the streaming sites that doesn’t work outside the US such as Netflix, Hulu, WWE Network, Pandora and many more. In addition, unlimited torrent downloading is an exceptional benefit of using Singapore VPN service

Based on the performance and users’ feedback, we have compiled a list of best VPNs for Singapore that you should consider. Here’s a list of best VPN service providers to facilitate your purchase decision.

Rank Providers Price ($) Discount More Info
$1.91Per Month
82% Off
3 Year Deal
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
2 Years Plan
$4.87Per Month
46% OFF
Exclusive Offer
$2.55Per Month
67% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
2+1 Year Deal

Privacy Problems We Face Today in Singapore

Today, no country is safe from Internet censorship. Along with that, there are many more issues encountered by the natives. The access of Internet users is confined by the ridiculous geo-restriction policies which eventually victimize the concept of free Internet.

State Imposed Censorship & Restrictions on Leading Sites

In a country where around 80% of the population uses Internet for personal as well as professional application, issues like censorship and geographic restriction seem so hard to exist. However, these issues are corrupting free Internet around the globe, not just in a particular country. In addition, Singaporean government has put a ban on almost every torrent sites including Extratorrent, Torrenthound & Kickasstorrent has left Singaporean users unable to download favorite shows and movies.

With a Singapore VPN, you achieve a foreign IP address and access thousands of geo-blocked sites instantly. Thus, Singapore VPN is the fastest and safest solution for an elite online experience.

Hackers, Snoopers & Various Cyberthreats Behind Your Back

Cybercriminals are also on their move. They just wait for an opportune moment and strike with a viscous blow. Due to the evolved tactics of cyber-goons, the security tools and measures we used to rely upon seem so obsolete now. But, when it comes to Singapore, Cyberattacks are rising faster than ever before. According to a privacy research, fight against cyber attacks has stepped into a critical stage in Singapore. Unfortunately, Singapore lacks privacy experts and tech professionals with adequate skills required to confront modern-day cyber attacks.

With numerous cyber threats lurking around, we’re left with no other option except to compromise on our data privacy. The only way to protect your online activities is to use a Singapore VPN, achieve a rock-solid data encryption and get secured against hackers, ransomware, snoopers, identity thieves and almost every cyberthreats.

5 Best VPNs for Singapore

To present you with a reliable and secure Singapore VPN service, we have conducted individual testing and in-depth research to come up with following recommended VPN services. These VPN services were evaluated on the basis of their level of security, number of servers, torrent support, encryption protocols, logging policy and economical plans. Have a look at them:


PureVPN is another key player in the Singapore VPN industry. The usefulness of PureVPN is not only confined to Singapore but it is widely preferred by users around the globe. PureVPN has a rigid server network which allows natives of Singapore to access any content with the help of VPN.

PureVPN offers distinct features in exchange of market competitive price. In addition, PureVPN offers value added features such as Internet kill switch and split-tunneling without any additional cost. Here are some important benefits of PureVPN highlighted.

  • With this VPN, access more than 500+ servers from Singapore
  • PureVPN’s server network represents 140+ countries
  • Different package plans (monthly, semi-annually and yearly) with price as low as $4.16/month
  • Say goodbye to geo-restrictions in Singapore. With PureVPN, access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, HBO Go, CW, WWE Network, BBC iPlayer and many more
  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • Cross-Device compatibility feature
  • PureVPN supports divergent tunneling protocols (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, IKEv2 and OpenVPN etc) to maximize your security.
  • Free and easy-to-use custom-designed VPN software
  • Forever available live support
  • 5 multi-logins
  • Dedicated IP VPN for Singapore users
  • Split tunneling feature
  • P2P file-sharing supported



Express VPN is also a considerable choice for a Singapore VPN. Express VPN is a renowned service provider with satisfied users around the globe. Express VPN offers diverse package plans at affordable price. With Express VPN connected on your device, say goodbye to all cyber threats in Singapore. View our ExpressVPN Review guide for further details.

As a suitable Singapore VPN, Express eliminates all your security and online liberation risks. Here is a glimpse to important Express VPN features.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Express VPN has a clearly stated log and privacy policy for its users in Singapore
  • Three different packages (monthly, 6 months and yearly) with price as low as $8.32 per month
  • Servers available in 75 countries
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN tunneling protocols supported
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Data security facilitated through 256bit encryption
  • Free VPN software offered
  • 24/7/365 tech support



Looking to access restricted websites in Singapore? Make sure you have HideMyAss installed in your devices. Extensive server reach all over the world ensures 100% access to all the websites that are blocked in your region. That said, we consider HideMyAss as a preferable VPN for Singapore if you’re ready to spend a bit more.

Check out some of the top features of HideMyAss:

  • 845 VPN servers in 182 countries. Most by any VPN provider!
  • Three payment plans offered to all the users
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Works on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows and many other devices
  • Supports PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP protocols
  • Custom VPN apps for Android and iOS



IPVanish is one of the leading service providers in industry. With price as low as $4.87 per month, IPVanish offers access to wide range of features and benefits associated with its package plans. With IPVanish, you can easily bypass censorship barriers in Singapore. In addition, IPVanish helps you flee from geo-restrictions.

With its servers located in different regions, IPVanish is an optimal choice as a best Singapore VPN to liberate your Internet. It protects your information through strong data encryption and allows you to hide your digital identity by hiding behind thousands of random IPs. Here are a few salient features of IPVanish:

  • IPVanish offers 180+ servers available in 60+ countries
  • It allows you to hide behind more than 25,000+ random IPs
  • With IPVanish, you can easily evade geo-restrictions and access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, HBO Go, CW, WWE Network, ABC, BBC iPlayer and many more.
  • No worries about bandwidth
  • IPVanish strengthens your security and forms a secure network through PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN tunneling protocols
  • IPVanish is VoIP
  • You don’t need to worry about online surveillance as IPVanish respects your privacy
  • IPVanish offers free and easy to use software



Ironsocket can help you evade the restrictions and limitations in Singapore. With a diverse range of servers, it makes sure that the users do not miss out on any of their favorite contents on the internet.  It has been a key player in the Singapore VPN industry for last 10 years and has been helping the people in unblocking their favorite websites.

Ironsocket is on top there with some of the best Singapore VPN providers and gives a good bit of competition to all its competitors. It also does a great job of protecting your online privacy against the cybercriminals and online surveillance agencies. Have a look at some of the top features of Ironsocket:

  • Over 50+ servers in 35+ locations
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Pandora, Apple TV and WWE Network etc. in Singapore
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited server switching
  • 2-multi logins; one for your laptop and one for your device
  • No logs policy
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Price as low as $6.99 per month


Best Free VPNs of Singapore

Check out the list of best totally free VPNs for Singapore

Why Does Singaporeans Need a VPN?

For the natives of Singapore, a VPN is not only a solution to the restrictions currently faced but also the security threats. Accessing Netflix a problem? Not anymore. With a Singapore VPN connected on your device, you can access all streaming sites and content restricted to viewers in the US or other respective regions.

  • Top-grade online protection against cybercriminals and online threats
  • An instant access to thousands of blocked sites and geo-restricted services
  • One-touch access to torrents and P2P files
  • Evade from ISP speed throttling while streaming and downloading media
  • Enhance overall online experience

In addition, a VPN is a sophisticated tool that allows you to fake your real IP and decrease the proximity of online surveillance. Most of the users are afraid to download Torrents or refrain from P2P file sharing due to copyright infringement issues. Say goodbye to these concerns by just connecting best Singapore VPN on your device.

A VPN hides your location and real digital identity; thus, it minimizes the traceability. So, stay addicted to the torrent, just equip your device with Singapore VPN. If you wish to access a social media site, network or forum blocked in your country, VPN is the right choice for you.

A VPN eliminates all barriers and allows you to connect to a distant server which represents another country. Thus, the restrictions imposed by your region won’t apply to you anymore. A Singapore VPN also keeps you safe from unauthorized assault on your data and other hack attacks. Even if a hacker infiltrates network security, the data is encrypted. Thus, the information is no longer useful to his ill intensions.

Wrapping Up

A VPN not only liberates your Internet but it also keeps you safe from threats like online surveillance, security infiltration, hacking, phishing, identity theft and so on. A VPN is the only tool that not only facilitates free Internet but also strengthens your security and removes all vulnerabilities to unwanted problems.

Censorship in Singapore is less as compared to many other regions of the world; however, geo-restrictions still apply. As long as these restrictions at in effect, your access to desired content is confined to a particular locality. Free yourself from this hassle; free yourself with best Singapore VPN.

Recommended above are 5 best VPNs for Singapore. These Singapore VPN services and their extraordinary features not only facilitate the natives; as a matter of fact, VPN in Singapore is mandatory for temporary residents as well. As long as their IPs represent Singapore, they will face same issues as the natives; thus, need the similar solution.

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