Best Laptop VPNs that Give You Ultimate Security & Privacy

The world is crammed with smartphones and tabs nowadays. They have outdone their predecessors; laptops and desktop PCs when it comes to accessing the internet with mobility. Inarguably, the former are more popular than the latter. But nobody can deny the fact that the laptops and PCs are still widely used by people all over the world.

Admittedly, there are some aspects where the smartphones and tabs lead the race and are miles ahead than the laptops and PCs. But, the laptops were, are and will always be miles ahead when it comes to handling the business matters, watching movies and surfing the internet due to their mobility.

Benefits of Laptop VPN (In a Nutshell)

  • Improves the security of your laptop
  • Protects you from the cybercriminals
  • Guards you from the online surveillance
  • Unblocks all the geo-restricted websites and online streaming channels
  • Strong encryption & diverse protocols support


Why do you need a Laptop VPN?

Laptops due to their mobile nature are more vulnerable to hack attacks. Some of them may be fully equipped with anti-viruses but the increasing cybercrimes have made it compulsory to remain safe even when you are “online”. A laptop VPN gives you the best security and tunnels your solidly encrypted traffic so that it cannot be comprehended.

A laptop VPN also goes past the boundaries of censorship and brings you the blocked websites and channels on your screens, at your ease. Although, there are a few things (read: features) that you should consider while looking for a VPN for laptop.

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(1) Fear of Hacking – Privacy

Who doesn’t like to connect his laptop on a public Wi-Fi? Nobody, because it gives you instant internet access and more importantly, does that for free. But that also makes you and your laptop extremely vulnerable to hack attacks by the cybercriminals.

The hackers have waged a war against the general internet users. It is nothing less than a cardinal sin to connect to internet without adequate protection and privacy tools. The hackers steal all kinds of information that may include the victim’s name, address, social security number and credit card number etc. Getting a VPN for laptop highly reduces the chances of being attacked by a cybercriminal.

(2) Online Surveillance Agencies

Invasion of privacy by the cybercriminals is understandable to some extent. But, when it is done by the online surveillance agencies like NSA and GCHQ, it really makes you question the integrity of the government institutions.

Sadly, we live in a world where the others are more interested in your online activities. Whatever the reasons NSA and GCHQ may cite, the online surveillance is highly unethical and totally unjustified. Nothing is creepier than the thought of being spied on. But, all of us are subjected to such online surveillances.

Installing a VPN on laptop can actually help you hide away from the spying eyes of online surveillance agencies while you are connected to internet!

(3) Bypass the Geo-restrictions

Do you happen to live in a region where popular TV shows or online streaming services are blocked? If you do, you might consider using a VPN for laptop. It will give you the access to all the popular TV shows and streaming services straightaway and you will be able to catch up with your favorite TV shows even if you are on vacations or a business trip.

Installing a VPN on laptop will help you connect to the IP address of a country where your desired website or streaming service is available. You can also use VPN services on your laptop where access to popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Tumblr is blocked.

(4) Laptop VPN – Multi-logins

When you are considering buying a laptop VPN, make sure to check the server count and the amount of multi-logins a VPN provides. More servers will give you comparatively more access to the blocked websites while multi-logins will allow you to set up your VPN on other devices as well.

If you own a laptop, chances are you will have a smartphone, a tab, a gaming console and a PC. The more multi-logins the VPNs for laptop provide, the secured your devices are against the likes of cybercriminals and online surveillance agencies.


A VPN for laptop keeps your device safe and secure and makes sure your online identity is safe. Setting up a VPN on laptop can also help you hide away from the online surveillance agencies and it also gives you access to all the blocked websites.

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