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As promised, we witnessed an epic Game of Thrones finale. However, many were disappointed as they were expecting someone to make an appearance. Someone we know from previous seasons. Someone we used to love – who would now be known as Lady Stoneheart.





Nevertheless, there is a strong possibility that she might be making an appearance in upcoming season; because, Game of Thrones producers can’t completely write-off this major character from the series. This would be injustice, not only to book readers but also those who only watch the seasons.


Thus, as far as I believe, it is just another cliffhanger. After all, it’s Game of Thrones we are talking about and the best is yet to come.

Jon Snow finally confronts King beyond the Wall and offers a truce. But, Mance Rayder puts forward his own terms for peace. He wants to go to the other side of The Wall and asks for Men of the Night’s Watch to abandon Castle Black. For moments, Jon had other thoughts in mind – thoughts of killing Rayder maybe but Stannis and his men grasp their attention. Watching them say goodbye to the fallen was the hard part. Yet, Jon had to say final goodbye to his beloved Ygritte.

After never ending hardships and struggle Bran Stark finally meets the Three Eyed Raven who tells him of the future he would come across.

  But, for a prophecy that imperative, there’s always a price to pay.

Brienne vs. The Hound fight was amazing; in fact, some say it was more brutal than The Mountain vs. The Viper. I was saddened by the conclusion though. I was aware that The Hound had to go. But, I sort of loved this odd yet adorable duo. So, another name off Arya’s list.



If you remember Arya’s last meeting with Jaqen H’ghar and the coin he gave her. Well, Arya finally cashed it and is off to Braavos.


Jaime finally shows compassion for his little brother and breaks him out of the prison. Lord Varys had made a few arrangements to facilitate this prison break and take Tyrion away from King’s Landing. But, Tyrion has an unfinished business with his father. However, finding Shae in his father’s chamber was a complete shocker for The Imp.


This father’s day, Cersie and Tyrion had special surprises planned for their father. Cersie told Tywin that his legacy is based on a lie whereas Tyrion finally begins to live up to his father’s rep.



There were minor spoilers of previous and upcoming deaths disclosed in Game of Thrones: Episode 7 by none other than Petyr Baelish himself. LOL



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