10th Sept, the day when the Cable companies will slow down your Internet

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“Remember, remember the 10 of September”, are you wondering why am I using the opening of the Gunpower treason song? An organisation named Fight For The Future is holding a web-wide protest to spread the word and make public opinion on the issue known by placing symbolic loading signs on websites all over the internet. This is all part of the “destroy the Net Neutrality” by FCC’s Chairman Tom Wheeler aka ‘The Dingo’.

There are many websites which are protesting against the government and these companies because of they are destroying net neutrality. Protestors have been putting up the infamous loading icons on their websites to signify this threat.

This campaign has been organized by The Free PressFight for the FutureDemand Progress, and TKTKTK.

Companies like Kickstarter, Reddit and Imgur are going up against the notorious cable companies like Verizon and Comcast. It’s up to us to decide who wins or lose the fight.

You can participate by adding a snippet of code or an image of the loading icon which will prompt the user that you are protesting against the cable companies and are in favor of Net Neutrality.

Interested people can use one of a group of Twitter avatars to show solidarity and share images in support of the campaign. These images and other ways of protesting is available via the Battle for the Net website.

It’s now or never! Fight for your privacy, freedom and your Internet.

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