10th CISRc Conference Scheduled to Kick-off from 07th April

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What is CISRC?

CISRC is an acronym for ‘Cyber and Information Security Research Conference’. As the name indicates, the main motto of the conference is to bring all the security experts, scholars, decision makers, managers, cyber security researchers and practitioners to one platform to discuss possible solutions to cyber security problems and needs.

The 10th Annual CISRC at OAK Ridge, Tennessee

The 10th CISRC will not only be based upon the problems and threats of the cyberworld but it will also be a reflection of all the efforts and hard work that the guys behind it (CISRC) have put in to ensure that the online world is safe and secure. With the 10th CISRC scheduled to start from tomorrow, it will be a decade long effort to ensure that sanity among the insane ranks of the cyberworld prevails.

The Agenda

As stated above, the main motto is to keep looking for the solutions to the ever-increasing problems of the cyberworld. Several sessions will be arranged on cybersecurity awareness programs. Some general sessions will also be conducted where the participants would be allowed to ask anything related to security.

Giants of the tech industry such as Dell, Cisco, The Cyber Wire, HP, Oracle and Motorola are sponsoring the 10th Annual CISRC. You can get registered to the event on the day it starts and can choose any of the topics to submit your research papers on. The main idea is to work out a plan to understand, evaluate and take measures to combat the risks of the cyber-security world.

**Key Speakers*

Since the conference is being organized on a large level, it comes as no surprise that a few of the speakers are representatives of NSA, while some belong to the US Army.

(1) Lieutenant General William J. Bender

General Bender holds several posts at the same time and monitors approximately 54,000 cyber operations that are worth more than $17 billion. General Bender completed his degree in Engineering from Manhattan College in 1983. General Bender has also worked closely with the cyber-security operations during the US-Iraq war.

(2) Dr. Deborah Frincke, Director of Research, (NSA)

Dr. Deborah leads the research team at the NSA and works closely with her team to find ways to all the problems that are faced by the NSA. Dr. Deborah received her PhD 23 years ago from the University of California, Davis. Dr. Deborah’s team, under her guidance, works on the NSA’s intricate internal cyber security challenges.

(3) Vice Admiral Robert C. Parker (Ret)

Vice Admiral Robert C. Parker (Ret.) has served the US Coast Guard for more than three decades during his duties with the US Army. Known for his military leadership skills, Vice Admiral Robert C. Parker (Ret.) is now currently working as a cyber-security Consultant to the Board of Governors of The Westminster College.

(4) Philip D. Quade, Special Assistant to the Director NSA

Philip D. Quade will present us all with the views of what it is like to work at the NSA. Quade works as a special assistant to the NSA Director and assists him with various day-to-day tasks, duties, operation planning and key strategies. He worked as a computer scientist at the NSA before taking on the charge as assistant to the NSA Director.

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