Best Minds of the Internet at 10th Annual ICS Security Summit 2015

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The SANS institute is organizing the 10th Annual ICS Security Summit in Orlando, Florida. The event is scheduled to take place on 22nd February and will constitute trainings and seminars that will  continue till March 2, 2015.

There will be seven training classes and a Summit in which the most intelligent minds of the world will come together to unlock new horizons in cyber security. The instructors in the SANS 10th Annual ICS Security Summit are the people you need to follow if you want to stay on top of cyber security trends and their impacts.


Tim Medin

The Prince of Penetration Testing from Longview, Texas, is a Senior Technical Analyst at Counter Hack, and has also served as a Senior Security Consultant at FishNet Security. Tim’s unparalleled KSAs are rooted in his practical exposure to information security in industries ranging from control systems to higher education.


Tim Medin will be teaching two courses at the SANS 10th Annual ICS Security Summit. CyberCity Hands-on Kinetic Cyber Range Exercise (6 day course) and NetWars – CyberCity.

Follow him on Twitter at @timmedin

Want to learn more? Follow his posts at Command Line King Fu


Paul Asadoorian

This super star of Cyber Security is the Founder & CEO of Security Weekly and is a Product Strategist at Tenable Network Security. His mural of medals is bursting with publications and certifications, in addition to affiliations with organizations like DC401, The Ocean State Higher Education Economic Development and Administrative Network, RI Security People and FiT.


In his spare time Paul loves Fishing, Hacking and Kung Fu.

Paul Asadoorian will be teaching a new course at the SANS 10th Annual ICS Security Summit: Embedded Device Security Assessments For The Rest Of Us.

The 2 -day course is designed for penetration testers, system administrators and cyber security consultants looking to gain cutting-edge knowledge on embedded systems/firmware as well as defensive recommendations for embedded systems security.

Talk to him on Twitter at @securityweekly

Get on the bandwagon at Security Weekly


Marcus Sachs

This man is the undisputed Gandalf of Cyber Security, minus the white beard and robes of course. This former US Army Officer of the Corps of Engineers is currently the Vice President at the National Security Policy at Verizon Communications. His professional experience spans over 30 years that include private and top-tier organizations, credits as co-author in numerous publications and is affiliated with over a dozen cyber security organizations.


Marcus will be presenting a 2-day course: Critical Infrastructure Protection.

The course will cover strategies to ensure domestic and international security in the wake of vulnerabilities that have been created as byproducts of developments in critical infrastructures.

Talk to Marcus at @MarcusSachs or visit his official site to learn more about him.


Lance Spitzner

Anybody who attends the SANS 10th Annual Security Summit should not go home without listening to Lance Spitzner on the 25th and 26th of February. The former Tank Platoon Leader of US Army’s 24th Infantry Division, also served as Senior Security Architect at Sun Microsystems, before becoming the  Founder of the Honeynet Project. He has worked with dozens of private and federal data sensitive organizations.


Lance will be presenting “Securing The Human: How to Build, Maintain and Measure a High-Impact Awareness Program” at the SANS 10th Annual Security Summit. The course is designed for security awareness officers.

Tweet to Lance at @lspitzner

Also, Lance frequently blogs on his website


Michael Assante

Michael Assante might not have driven any tanks or flown any planes, but anybody who knows him, will tell you that the man is a true veteran in cyber security . He is the Co-Founder & Chief Security Strategist at NexDefense, Inc., a member of the Board at The Center for Internet Security, Advisor at Critical Intelligence, and Executive Steering Committee Member at GICSP® Executive Steering Committee at the SANS Institute.


The GICSP certified Michael’s accolades include the SCADA Security Leadership Award, the Security Seven Award Winner for Government, Columbus Top 40 Under 40 in 2002, and Naval Intelligence Officer of the Year in 1996.

He is the Curriculum Lead at the SANS 10th Annual ICS Security Summit and can be contacted via Twitter @sansics


At the Helm of the Internet Revolution

These men are the top 5 thought leaders reshaping the internet as we know it, and helping ensure that cybercrime does not destroy the World Wide Web. The SANS 10th Annual ICS Security Summit is going to be an epic event, because they are going to grace the event and share the knowledge, inferences, ideas and solutions derived from decades of experience in cyber security.


Can’t Get to the 10th Annual ICS Security Summit 2015?

Afraid you won’t be able to catch up to this event? is here to provide you cyber security solutions to protect yourself, your online privacy, and your internet freedom.

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