10 Best Goals and Saves of FIFA World Cup 2014

Goodbye FIFA 2014

Germany vs. Argentina: what a match it was. What a win; what a glory. What a World Cup it has been so far; an emotions driven roller coaster and an unpredictable event with astonishing outcomes.


The Stuns

Let me count the surprises we had in this World Cup. The defending champion, Spain sent home in initial round of the tournament. England couldn’t keep up with the pace and was eventually knocked out of the competition. The most vicious contender to the trophy – Portugal sent home in the initial phase.

We saw the most promising players play like rookies. Fans’ expectations burnt to ashes. And disgraceful performances from the legends like Cristiano Ronaldo AKA CR7 and Wayne Rooney who couldn’t even perform in even a single match. Thus, the only thing certain about this World Cup is – it wasn’t certain at all.


The Sum-Up

32 teams played for FIFA World Cup 2014. 16 teams were knocked out in the initial round. Out of the teams qualifying for the Round of 16, only 8 qualified for the quarter final.

Semi final had four teams face each other whereas final as we all know it was played between Germany and Argentina. In total, 128 matches were played in the tournament. Around 166 goals were scored.


The Memories

We lived memories of a lifetime in this World Cup; shared the moments of love, joy and sorrow with the legends – our role models. We witnessed some jaw dropping events and nail-biting experiences to watch the best triumph over the other. This actually is quite hard to decide but here are the best goals scored in FIFA World Cup 2014.


10 Most Unbelievable Goals

#10 – Jermaine Jones: USA vs. Portugal

#9 – James Rodriguez: Colombia vs. Japan

#8 – Xherdan Shaqiri: Switzerland vs. Honduras

#7 – Gervinho: Ivory Coast vs. Colombia

#6 – Lionel Messi: Argentina vs. Iran

#5 – David Luiz: Brazil vs. Colombia

#4 – Tim Cahill: Australia vs. Netherlands

#3 – Arjen Robben: Netherlands vs. Spain

#2 – Robin Van Persie: Netherlands vs. Spain

#1 – James Rodriguez: Colombia vs. Uruguay


10 Most Stunning Saves

#10 – Diego Benaglio: Switzerland vs. Argentina
Diego Benaglio nearly became trouble for Argentina at Sao Paulo. His resilience was a greater threat faced by team Argentina along with the captain Leo Messi.

Diego Benaglio

#9 – Claudio Bravo: Chile vs. Brazil

Chile met Brazil at Belo Horizonte. Out of the brilliant attacks and saves witnessed by viewers of the match, Bravo’s way of saying no to Hulk was simply brilliant.

Claudio Bravo

#8 – Rais M’Bolhi: Algeria vs. Germany

Rais M’Bolhi’s outstanding fingertips save against Philipp Lahm’s goal attempt, hindering Germany progress to the next round.

Rais M’Bolhi


#7 – Tim Howard: U.S. vs. Belgium

Howard earns this spot due to his outstretched boot save against Origi’s shoot for the goal at Salvador.

Tim Howard

#6 – Rais M’Bolhi: Algeria vs. Germany

Word can’t describe what Rais M’Bolhi did for Algeria at Estadio Beira-Rio. Coping with Germany’s vicious attack isn’t easy but M’Bolhi did it quite efficiently.

Rais M’Bolhi2

#5 – Keylor Navas: Costa Rica vs. Greece

Navas’ resilience proved to be useful for Costa Rica. Saving many significant attacks for scores, Navas earned quite a reputation especially by saving Dimitris Salpingidis’ crucial attack with his right knee.

Keylor Navas

#4 – Vincent Enyeama: Nigeria vs. France

Vincent Enyeama performed outstandingly against France. His resilience neutralized French attack especially Paul Pogba’s viciously struck volley.

Vincent Enyeama


#3 – Keylor Navas: Costa Rica vs. Greece

Keylor Navas stands tall at the third spot due to his performance and resilience in penalty shootout between Costa Rica and Greece.


#2 – Julio Cesar: Brazil vs. Chile

Julio Cesar saves the day, prohibiting Charles Aranguiz’s crucial attack against Brazil at Belo Horizonte.


#1 – Guillermo Ochoa: Mexico vs. Netherlands

Guillermo Ochoa was like a brick wall to rampant Dutch attack at Estadio Castelao in the second half of the match.

Guillermo Ochoa

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