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Avast is super popular around the world and well known for its cross-platform internet security applications. However, not many people know that Avast also offers a stand-alone VPN by the name of “Avast SecureLine VPN”.

Now I’m not going to talk about its features and everything today. 您可以查看 Avast VPN 评论以了解所有这些。 Instead, in this article, we’re going to focus on the Avast VPN speed test.

Yes, that’s right. I’m going to perform a series of speed tests using nine (9) various geographically diverse server locations of Avast VPN to find out if it can offer fast speeds or not.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to stick around throughout the entire article, here’s a brief table with all the speed test results compiled.

服务器位置 下载速度 上传速度 延迟
巴西 26.42 Mbps 77.09 Mbps 500毫秒
加拿大 25.34 Mbps 90.67 Mbps 213毫秒
德国 26.59 Mbps 94.67 Mbps 232毫秒
卢森堡 25.34 Mbps 91.5 Mbps 206毫秒
荷兰 26 Mbps 76.84 Mbps 192毫秒
南非 25.34 Mbps 36.17 Mbps 647毫秒
西班牙 26.42 Mbps 14.42 Mbps 445毫秒
英国 26.25 Mbps 66.09 Mbps 181毫秒
美国 26.34 Mbps 91.09 Mbps 258毫秒
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Avast VPN’s in-depth speed test for 2021

In order to get a good idea of how Avast VPN would perform on different servers, I tested nine (9) different server locations of Avast SecureLine VPN with my 100 Mbps internet connection. Here’s how my testing went.


1. Brazil


The first server I tested was the Brazilian server of Avast VPN. With my 100 Mbps connection, I managed to only get a download speed of 26.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 77.09 Mbps. I also notice a significantly high ping of 500 ms.

2. 加拿大


With the Canadian server, I did notice my download speed drop slightly. After getting connected to the Canadian server, I managed to get a download speed of 25.34 Mbps and an upload speed of 90.67 Mbps. While my download speed dropped a bit, my pings reduced from 500 ms pings to just 213 ms.

3. 德国


The German server also didn’t perform too exceptionally. With the German server, this time I managed to get a download speed of around 26.59 Mbps, an upload speed of 94.67 Mbps with 232 ms pings.

4. Luxembourg


Another long-distance server location I connected to was in Luxembourg. After running the speed test, Avast VPN managed to output 25.34 Mbps download speed, 91.5 Mbps upload speed, and 206 ms pings. For some reason, I just couldn’t get past the 26 Mbps download speed mark.

5. Netherlands


Although the Netherlands server connected almost instantly, It still managed to only output 26 Mbps download speed. The upload speed, however, was not bad at all. I managed to note down 76.84 Mbps upload speed with 192 ms pings.

6. South Africa


With the South African server, because of the distance, I noticed an insanely high ping of 647 ms. If we talk about download speed and upload speed, they were 25.34 Mbps and 36.17 Mbps respectively. If you’re paying attention, you must have noticed a huge drop in my upload speed by now.

7. Spain


With the Spanish server, my upload speed dropped even more significantly. After I ran the test, I recorded my download speed at 26.42 Mbps and my upload speed at only 14.42 Mbps. That’s seriously a major drop.

8. United Kingdom


The U.K server performed much better. After getting connected, Avast VPN managed to output 26.25 Mbps download and 66.09 Mbps upload speed. The U.K server also managed to max out at 181 ms pings only.

9. United States


Last but not least, I also ran a speed test while connected to the U.S server of Avast VPN. With the U.S server, I managed to achieve a download speed of 26.34 Mbps and an upload speed of 91.09 Mbps. This time the pings were a bit high reaching 258 ms.

A bit about Avast SecureLine VPN

Features wise, Avast VPN is not all that well equipped. 事实上,它实际上并没有提供额外的增值功能,如拆分隧道、广告拦截或混淆。. However, it does come with basic very features to help you stay anonymous online.

首先,Avast SecureLine VPN 可让您访问34 个国家/地区的约 100 台服务器这并不多,但是,Avast VPN 与 Netflix 的配合效果出奇地好Avast VPN 也支持种子下载,但它的性能不是太好。

Avast VPN also offers apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. what you’re not going to find is apps for other devices. 但无论如何,您仍然可以在 Kodi 上设置 Avast SecureLine VPN,也可以将其与 Roku 设备一起使用。

Its customer support can be reached via live chat, however, getting help from that is not easy. 如果您遇到任何连接问题,我强烈建议您查看我们的 Avast VPN 不工作指南。

但从好的方面来说,您会喜欢 Avast VPN 的一件事是它提供 7 天的免费试用。 最重要的是,即使您没有先试用就直接购买了 Avast VPN,您也可以随时取消您的 Avast VPN 订阅并获得全额退款,这要归功于 30 天退款保证。

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More Speed Test Results Other than Avast Secureline VPN

Mostly VPNs slow down your internet speed, learn how to speed up your internet while using a VPN.


Once I was done performing the Avast VPN speed tests, I noticed that Avast VPN couldn’t manage to offer consistently fast speeds. Throughout the test, I noticed quite a significant drop in my download speed. While upload speeds stayed in the upper 90 Mbps range in the starting, it too gradually degraded.

I also noticed significantly high pings on some servers. For instance, the South Africa server exhibited a latency of 647 ms. That’s very, very high.

If we talk about real-world usability experience, I would say that Avast VPN took way too long just to connect to any server. In addition, a lot of server locations like Singapore, China, and a few more we’re outright unreachable. Those that did connect, lost internet connectivity after a couple of minutes.

Overall, if you’re looking to download torrents, play online games, or stream Netflix in HD, I would suggest trying some other VPN.