Top 5 Shows to Look Forward on Netflix this July

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What’s New on Netflix

Netflix is the home of entertainment when it comes to hottest new seasons. Bringing us versatile variety to choose from, Netflix always has something new, something exciting to offer. That’s why Netflix is one of the most readily accessed streaming platforms around the globe.

Preferred by millions around the globe, Netflix brings something new every month. From the collection of movies to the hottest shows, Netflix brings the best. This July, some of the most amazing new seasons shall be added to Netflix archives. So, get ready for the whole new experience on Netflix this July.


Accessing Netflix Outside the US

There are a few regions outside the US from where you can access Netflix without any hassle. The users in those respective regions are authorized to access Netflix without any restriction. Yes! There are restrictions imposed on Netflix’s access. Netflix holds geo-restricted content. This means that you can’t access Netflix outside the US or a few other authorized regions.


Top 5 Seasons on Netflix This July

Netflix brings new shows every month along with some really awesome movie archives. Here are top 5 shows to look forward on Netflix this July.


#5 – Baby Daddy: Season 3

Men will always be men. They’re never ready for a responsibility. But, what if the responsibility is waiting at your doorstep? Baby Daddy depicts the similar story. The TV series tells the story of a 20 year old bartender who discovers that he has become a parent. Unfortunately, he learns it the hard way as his ex-girlfriend leaves the baby at his doorstep.

Baby Daddy: Season 3 will be available on Netflix this July. If you like a good Comedy/Drama, this show is highly recommended for you.


#4 – Lost Girl: Season 4

Lost Girl is the story of a supernatural being called succubus. Succubus survives and feeds on human energy which often leads to chaotic results and fatal outcomes. Despite a rigid hierarchy imposed by her clan, Bo decides to seek her own fate. She tirelessly searches for her origins and refuses to abide by the rules imposed upon her.

Lost Girl: Season 4 will be available on Netflix this July. If you like Horror, Crime and Sci-Fi amalgamation then this show is a must watch.


#3 – Knights of Sidonia: Season 1

Earth has been destroyed thousands of years ago. A chaos brought our plant to destruction when it was invaded by massively large aliens called Gauna. They destroyed our planet and mankind along with it. Those who survived, now live on massive spaceships.

Sidonia is the name of one of those ships, guarded by gigantic armed robots called Guardians. Catch Knights of Sidonia: Season 1 this July on Netflix.


#2 – Hemlock Grove: Season 2

Hemlock Grove depicts the story of a chase to find a brutal killer responsible for killing a teenage girl. Along with all mainstream hurdles faced while investigating a mysterious murder, this case accompanies some extra twists and turns.

The investigation for a murder is to be conducted in a town where everyone has a dirty little secret. And they will go to any extreme to keep that secret buried. This expands the circle of the usual suspects, making it difficult for the mystery to be solved.

Hemlock Grove: Season 2 will be available on Netflix this July. This season is highly recommended to those who love thriller.


#1 – Hell on Wheels: Season 3

This season tells the story of Cullen Bohannon, a former soldier who seeks revenge on the killers of his wife. The search brings him to the biggest projects in the history of the United States. He finds a railroad that connected the east and the west in the days of war in 1860s. To explore more twists and turns in the story, catch Hell on Wheels: Season 3 this July on Netflix.


A VPN May Come in Handy

Whenever you try to access Netflix outside the US, your digital identity is scanned for verification of your location. Your digital identity here is represented by your IP address. Netflix denies its access the moment a foreign IP is detected. Foreign IP here refers to regions where viewers are not authorized to access Netflix.

The best solution for this concern is masking real IP address. Masking real IP is the process through which the system hides your original IP and replaces it with a random IP of any other region. Since your prime concern is to access Netflix here then I guess you would prefer a US IP address.

A VPN is a recommendable option in this regard. With a VPN, you can easily mask your real IP and use a random IP as a camouflage. Now, you can easily access Netflix without any restriction or hassle.

There are many other cheaper alternatives to get the job done. However, a VPN is the most secure approach to be considered here. Therefore, a VPN is the recommended tool to unblock Netflix outside the US. To facilitate your purchase decision, here are some of the renowned and frequently bought VPNs by users around the globe:



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